Builder Gel - Clear

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Categories: Nail Extension
  • Cathy Kathy Soak Off Nail Builder
  • Cathy Kathy Nail Builder is a stronger type of gel than polygel with medium to thick viscosity that is used to create and build shape. It is commonly used within the professional Nail industry for nail extensions and natural nail overlays. Its strength is the same with acrylic nails so it's considered as a hard-gel.
  • About the Product: Formulated and manufactured in Japan.
  • Product Inclusion: 1 piece of 15 ml Nail Builder
  • Color: Clear 
  • Item Type: Nail Gel Builder
  • How to Apply:
  • Nail Prep: Prep the nail and apply the nail form. Apply one coat of pH Bond (dehydrator) to the natural nail only. Then, apply one coat of acid-free nail primer to the natural nail only. Apply and fit your nail forms properly.
  • Applying the Gel Builder: Apply the first layer: use a very thin coat of builder gel and cure for 30 seconds on a UV/ LED Lamp. Apply a thicker layer of gel builder, carefully shape it, a cure for 60 seconds.
  • Sculpting the Gel Builder: Lightly file the nail surface until you satisfied with a 100- grit file. Finish shaping with a 180-grit buffer. From here the nails are already in the natural form.
  • Finishing Touches: Apply no wipe top coat, a cure for 60 seconds. This leaves the nail always shiny and helps in the durability of the nail.
  • Friendly Reminder;
  • -Price is per piece.
  • -Product may contain material that can cause allergy or irritation in the cuticle area if symptoms persist discontinue from using.