Gorgeous and seductive shade of red by Cathy Kathy Premium Gel Polish


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Why just pick one color and finish? Use multiple hues from the same color palette and add some extra shine with glistening polishes. Create a nail to match the inspiration that make hands and nails look chic and expensive.

Extra Accents

Attention-grabbing?Absolutely. So nails should have at least one thing glued to them this year.


Not into gold? Try this trend in metallic pinks look definitely stunning.

Gorgeously Green

French mani look way cooler, especially when paired with short, squaredoff nails. Glitter look chic and goes with every outfit, one of the most stylish ways to wear this trend.

Back To Basic

Sometimes, the most maximalist nail is actually super minimal, I think sheer-blush tones will be popular because they highlight how healthy your nails are.

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