Acryl Polygel - Transparent

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Type: Polyegel
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Categories: Nail Extension
  • Cathy Kathy Professional UV/ LED Nail Gel Acrylic Poly Gel for Nail Extension
  • Cathy Kathy Polygel Builder (Acryl/Hybrid Gel) - Polygel is the lovechild of acrylic gel and gel polish. This is a soft gel that is used to create an overlay on natural nails or as a nail enhancement to form nail extensions. This is still cured under UV light but is a lot lighter than the gel and acrylic. This is the perfect option for people who like the look of acrylic but can't stand the smell. This product is ideal for those who want to DIY nail extensions.
  • About the Product:
  • Formulated in the USA and manufactured in Japan
  • Product Inclusion: 1 piece of 30 ml Cathy Kathy Acrylic Poly Gel Clear
  • Color/s: Clear, Baby Pink, Mily White and Tan
  • Item Type: Acrylic Gel
  • How to Apply:
  • Nail Prep: Prep the nail and apply the nail form. Apply one coat of pH Bond (dehydrator) to the natural nail only. Then, apply one coat of acid-free nail primer to the natural nail only. Apply and fit your nail forms properly.
  • Applying the Poly gel: Squeeze the tube of Cathy Kathy Clear Poly gel to release the product and slice off the desired amount with a flat brush. Make sure your brush is damp with a slip solution to avoid it from sticking. Apply the gel onto your nails.
  • Forming the Poly gel: Dip the brush again into the Slip Solution, then shape the nail by lightly patting the poly gel product. Keeping the brush close to the surface, continue until you reach the desired length. Cure the nail for 60 seconds in a UV/LED Lamp.
  • Shaping: To smooth the surface, lightly file with a 100-grit file. Finish shaping with a 180-grit buffer.
  • Cleansing the Nail: Apply one coat of gel base coat and cure for 5 seconds. Then, wipe a clean gel brush over the surface of the nail to remove any excess base coat; this will cause the surface to become slightly tacky and allow the polish to adhere better.
  • Applying the Polish: 1. Apply two coats of gel polish, curing after each. 60 seconds every coat in a UV/LED Lamp. 2. To finish, apply gel top coat and cure.
  •  Friendly Reminder:
  • -This product has other materials that may cause allergies. If symptoms of allergies show, discontinue using.
  • -The price applies as per variation (a piece or set).
  • -Photo or picture may vary due to lightning when pictured.
  • -Price may vary on what product or variant you are purchasing.