Professional Nail Foil Transferring Glue for Nail Foil Decal in 15ml

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  • Cathy Kathy Nail Foil Gel is a newly developed glue for foil sticker to transfer to your nail conveniently and easily. It has a very strong adhesiveness that you can DIY your nail art design in seconds. it's the most effective way to create outstanding nail art design without any nail art design experience.
  • -It is made form all natural resins.
  • -It is oderless.
  • -It has a long-lasting effect and adhesiveness.
  • -It is very safe to use.
  • Product Inclusion: 1 piece of Cathy Kathy Nail Transferring Glue
  • Size: 15ml
  • Color: Milky White
  • How to Apply:
  • -Clean the nail cuticle and file your nails then clean them with alcohol.
  • -Choose the right size of full cover nails/nail tips.
  • -Apply an appropriate amount of UV nail glue gel on the full cover nails/nail tips.
  • -Press the full cover nails/nail tips with glue to your nails fully.
  • -Hold the full cover nails/nail tips in place with your hands.
  • -Cure under the nail lamp for 60-90s and done.
  • Tips and Tricks:
  • -Make sure there is no gaps or bubbles among the fake nails and nail glue gel and your nail when applying.
  • -After pressing the full cover nails/nail tips, hold them in place with your hands before curing.
  • -Cure under the nail lamp for 60-90s while holding the nails in place with your hands.
  • Heat Spikes Alert!!
  • -Avoid Heat Spikes- If you are applying Nail Tips Glue to your nails, remember to wipe off the extra glue that touched your skin. Remove your hand from lamp if you get heat spike and gently pinch walls with 2 fingers and put your hand back into the lamp to complete the curing process.
  • Friendly Reminder:
  • -This product has other materials that may cause allergies. If symptoms of allergies show, discontinue using.
  • -The price applies as per variation (a piece or set).
  • -Photo or picture may vary due to lighting when pictured.
  • -Price may vary on what product or variant you are purchasing.
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