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Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Mist Power Hand Sanitizer

'Kill germs in style'

1. Cruelty-free - vegan and completely no animal has been harmed in making this product
2. TSA - travel-sized approved / travel size friendly. Allowed for carry-on luggage
3. Essential oils - infused with essential oils to improve one's mood whenever used. Instant mood booster and healer.
4. Aloe Vera extract - for extra hydration
5. Paraben-free - toxic-free
6. Modern Design Packaging - Reusable, refillable, & recyclable packaging that fits any size of bag or pouch. Chic, stylish, & not bulky
7. Multi-purpose - can also disinfect any surface
8. Keychain ready - use any keychain to attach to your bag for easy use and portability


Benefits of Hand Sanitizer:
Require less time than hand washing
Act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands
More accessible than sinks
Reduce bacterial counts on hands
Can even improve condition of skin

Orange Mist Power Sanitizer & Moisturizer


Lemon Mist Power Sanitizer & Moisturizer


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